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College Credit / College Now

The LISD TECH Center offers eligible Lenawee County students opportunities to get a jumpstart on college by earning FREE college credit while still in high school. Some of the college credit opportunities require successfully completing a LISD TECH Center class and learning skills at a designated level. By taking advantage of the college credit opportunities available through the LISD TECH Center, students often do better in their college program.


LISD TECH Center instructors work with area colleges and universities to provide college credit for taking a LISD TECH Center class.

Articulated credit is granted by the college or university and may require prerequisites. Students must request articulated credit through their college or university of choice. Completing a LISD TECH Center class does not automatically qualify the student for available articulated credit. Students may need to demonstrate a percentage of skills learned in the LISD TECH Center class or take a placement test, depending on the college or university.

Articulated credit does not automatically transfer from one post-secondary institution to another. Ask your LISD TECH Center instructor or counselor for more information.


Students can dual-enroll in a college class as part of their LISD TECH Center program through the College Now program. Usually, certain days during the trimester, semester or year are designated as “college class” days in the LISD TECH Center class. The class may take place at the LISD TECH Center or a local post-secondary institution such as Jackson College. Dual-enrolled classes may require additional class work or outside projects, including online learning. Specific class information will be available at the orientation meeting.

Students must enroll for dual-enrolled credit before the class begins. Dual-enrolled credit is awarded by the college or university and is part of a student’s official college transcript. Credits usually transfer from one institution to another, but credit transfer is not guaranteed.


Concurrent enrollment is given to students enrolled in certain LISD TECH Center class that have curriculum aligned to a class at a post-secondary institution. In other words, by learning what is taught in the LISD TECH Center program, the student also earns college credit for a designated class. The program is part of College Now.

Students must enroll for concurrent-enrolled college credit before the class begins. Concurrent-enrollment credit, like dual enrollment,is awarded by the partner college or university and is part of a student’s official college transcript. Credits usually transfer from one institution to another, but credit transfer is not guaranteed.

College Now

The LISD’s College Now program provides concurrent- and dual-enrollment opportunities for LISD TECH Center students at no cost to the student or the student’s local school district.

Students who participate in College Now are more likely to:

  • Pursue a bachelor’s degree
  • have higher first-semester college grades
  • earn more credits during their first years post-secondary education
College Now classes are taken outside of the students’ regular high school and LISD TECH Center schedule. Once enrolled, students’ official college transcripts official begin. Learn more at the College Now orientation.


  • Students must be enrolled in a LISD TECH Center Career Technical Education (CTE) program.
  • Eligible students and their parents must attend a College Now orientation.
  • All college courses must directly apply to the student’s Educational Development Plan (EDP) and Career Pathway. Developmental college courses are not eligible for funding).
  • Students must attend an advisory appointment with the LISD TECH Center counselor and a college adviser every semester.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher in their CTE program, and a 2.0 or higher GPA in college coursework.

To qualify for College Now:
Students must have qualifying scores college readiness exams such as ACT, ACT Plan, SAT, COMPASS, etc., as determined by the LISD TECH Center.

Colleges partnering with the LISD TECH Center to award college credit include:

  • Baker College
  • Davenport University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Ferris State University
  • Jackson College
  • Lincoln Technical Institute
  • Northwestern
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Sullivan University
  • University of Northwest Ohio
  • Washtenaw Community College